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The documentary film “The Seed of Awareness” touches on a fundamental issue – natural agriculture as an alternative to industrial crops production which threatens biodiversity, economic sustainability and the global environment.

The main character is Pedro Dogor the Gardener, a passionate farmer, who in a very personal manner takes the viewer through the world of old plant varieties, natural genetics, the idea of cooperatives and the potential of Polish soils –the country’s greatest insurance policy. The contact with nature is what has enabled Pedro to overcome a life trauma – the sudden loss of his father.

It’s a “cinematic ecological bomb”, filled with knowledge on the essence of agriculture, a chain that ties together health, economy and social issues. It shows how what we put in our shopping carts every day affects the world we live in. The camera zooms in on the not always visible thread between producer and consumer. The film was created completely independently and with private funding over a period of six years.


Director Biography – Rafał Smykowski, Filip Konecki

The initiator, director and producer of the film is Rafal Smykowski, the author of a documentary “Alternatively” (2014) which depicts non-standard models of life, subverting the essence of the current socio-economic system. A long-time cameraman, he also runs a traveling cinema, providing an opportunity for direct contact between the filmmaker and the audience. Animator and founder of the online community “The Seed of Awareness” , promoting the idea of healthy food, grown naturally and locally sourced.


Director Statement

The film’s co-creator is Filip Konecki – a journalist and editor, a graduate of the Faculty of Journalism and Social Communication at the University of Warsaw as well as Editing at the Academy of Film and Television, author of more than a dozen short films.

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