Loghi Patrocini

Stunningly photographed in southern India THE REAL JUNGLE BOOK takes Kipling’s immortal characters and brings them vividly to life. Bagheera, the knowledgeable black panther, looks down at the forest beneath him while Shere Khan hunts and Hathi moves silently. In Kipling’s forest the characters lived together, but it was never like that. The various habitats are scattered like separate kingdoms which we move between. Baloo lives in a two billion year old landscape with twin cubs clinging on for life, while the Bandar-Log live their chaotic lives while keeping watch for the ancient python Kaa. Mother Wolf protected Mowgli, and wolves are a key character in this story as they survive in one of India’s least known habitats, the grasslands. THE REAL JUNGLE BOOK tells the stories of Kipling’s iconic characters through a year as they follow the true Law of the Jungle – the daily struggle to survive in modern India.


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