Loghi Patrocini

This is a documentary film that deals with the delicate issue of economic violence. Through direct testimonies and interviews, and thanks to a cinematic reconstruction, we will see the story of those who have suffered violence and found the strength to get up again.

Director Biography – Antonio Silvestre



ANTONIO SILVESTRE (Rome, 1976). Director and screenwriter, he graduated in History and
Criticism of Cinema at the Sapienza in Rome. As assistant director he links his name to successful
directors such as Giorgio Capitani with whom he made Papa Luciani (2005), Puccini (2008), Il
Restauratore (2010), Where do you find someone like me? (2010); like Giacomo Campiotti, in the
double role of assistant director and actor alongside Gigi Proietti in the TV miniseries Preferisco il
paradiso (2009). With Alessandro Aronadio he made the film Due vite per caso (2009) presented at
the 60th edition of the Berlin Film Festival, Ears presented at the 73rd Venice Film Festival and
finally Io C’e, in 2018; he also collaborates with Massimo Spano in the TV miniseries I Sons Torn
(2005), Caccia segreta (2006) and Una madre (2008). In recent years he has linked his name to
television hits such as Caruso-la voce dell’amore (2012) directed by Stefano Reali with whom he
signs the series Rimbocchiamoci le sleeves (2016) as the director of the second unit. In 2017 he
published the novel Marriage instructions for use and joined the Oscar winner, Giuseppe
Tornatore in the creation of a Docufilm on the designers Dolce and Gabbana. He has also
collaborated with Luciano Melchionna, Antonio Frazzi, Heather Parisi, Pupi Avati, Alberto Sironi,
Claudio Bonivento, Gianni Lepre, Cinzia Th. Torrini, Lorenzo Sportiello, Andrea De Sica, Maria
Sole Tognazzi, Monica Vullo, Younuts. He directed the short film The Season of Love, which
premiered at the Rome International Film Festival 2012. In 2018 he made the short film: “The
Adventures of Mr Food & Mrs Wine” and the Docufilm “Ralph De Palma – the fastest man in the
world ”presented at the Chamber of Deputies on 5 July 2019.

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