Loghi Patrocini

At the gates of the city of Tarquinia, not far from Rome, where the Etruscans left their most beautiful tomb paintings, an ancient house sits on a hill from which one can overlook the Tyrrhenian Sea. His grim owner, when he is not digging for treasures, trumpets patriotic slogans from his Fiat Panda, while the priest his friend and foe shoots everything that is beyond his comprehension. They are joined by the chorus of immigrants, peasants in the area who indulge in Hegelian thinking, a mechanic on a horse who holds his theses against the common consensus. The real star of the film, however, is Balthazar, a philosophical donkey who, in a double conference with a creature that is half human and half plant, reflects on human activity. MIDAS’ ANTS is a cinematic search for traces of the crystallization points in human history at which our ideas of nature have changed. Represented by amateurs whose roles, based on their own characters, are intertwined like vignettes, the panopticon of a dream world based on sad reality unfolds. The 75’ film tries to untangle the conflict human/nature with playful seriousness, so that laughter gets stuck in one’s throat.


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