Loghi Patrocini
Maputo, the capital city of Mozabimque, has one or may be two million inhabitants. A few neighborhoods have houses or more precisely brick shacks, some paved roads, mostly a wide range of huts without basic sanitation services, where day by day men, women and children scrape food together in slow and quiet despair-the only chance they have to survive.
In Maputo, not exactly in the city centre or even on the outskirts, there is an area called the dump district, La Lixeira. The dump is a metaphysical scenario, metaphor of our world, so aseptically modern, a kind of reversed utopia of our fate.
About 700 families dig their way through these new mines of modernism. La lixeira is the place where the tangible and the intangible waste, the human waste, combine together in a visual short circuit. Man himself is reduced to being rubbish. It is a paradigm of the economical, social and existential topographies of our Earth. A sort of peaceful camouflage of despair, a cruel inhumane condition lived by its protagonists with the levity, fatality and irony which are the features of these almost unworldly people.


Nato a Matera il 08.12.1966
Laureato in Scienze Motorie ed incallito viaggiatore, viene improvvisamente catapultato nel mondo del multimediale raccogliendo l’eredità del fratello Roberto (scomparso nel Luglio del 2019), per cercare di portare avanti il progetto della scuola/laboratorio di fotografia, grafica, scrittura e comunicazione “A Mundzuku Ka Hina”, destinato ai giovani che raccattano la sopravvivenza nella discarica di Maputo in Mozambico, a orfani, a bambini di strada. Un percorso di formazione professionale finalizzato all’inserimento nel mondo del lavoro.

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