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The Muir legacy

DIRECTOR Vanni Giannotti
RATING ★★★★★

Italia Green Film Festival

The Muir legacy

CAST | Vanni Giannotti
Green Short Film TIME | 21′
RATING | ★★★★★
Let John Muir be your guide, traveling to the protected areas of North America.
The founder of the Sierra Club, little known in Italy but a true American icon, is perhaps the greatest naturalist of all time. His legacy is in his books, letters and articles which, by telling the American desert, inspired entire generations of nature conservation and influenced the formation of modern environmental science.
Vanni Giannotti
Esercita la professione di dottore commercialista a Reggio Emilia ma è scrittore e documentarista per hobby. Ha realizzato due edizioni di un libro sulla Natura protetta dei Parchi del Nord America di cui è grande conoscitore.
Vanni Giannotti Director

Vanni Giannotti Writer

Vanni Giannotti Producer

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