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Living with the Bears

DIRECTOR Federico Betta

MOVIE TYPING Documentary

RATING ★★★★★

Italia Green Film Festival

Living with the Bears


Living with the Bears
Living with the Bears
Living with the Bears
Living with the Bears
Living with the Bears
Living with the Bears
Living with the Bears
Living with the Bears
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CAST | Federico Betta, Nora Bonora, Francesco Borzaga, Angelo Caliari, Duccio Canestrini, Graziano Daldoss, Francesco De Giorgio, Ornella Dorigatti, Rossella Duches, Chiarastella Feder, Alex Fontana, Loris Grandi, Davide Ghezzi, Fabio Maffei, Andrea Mustoni, Luca Pedrotti, Bepi Pinter, Marco Reggio, Silvia Spada, Massimo Vettorazzi, Matteo Zeni

Green Short Film TIME | 1h

RATING | ★★★★★

“Living with the Bears” is a journey through the history of the relationship between men and bears in Trentino, the northernmost region in Italy. Different characters create a puzzle of visions that crosses prehistory, history, the struggle for salvation, the great repopulation project and the present.

The documentary leaves us with many questions, without ignoring the reality: the coexistence of bears and humans creates conflicts that cannot be eliminated and requires a strong commitment from everyone. A shared effort to ensure the permanence of large carnivores on our territory in the long term.

Federico Betta
Born in Trento in 1974, he graduated in philosophy in Padua. He studied documentary design at Zelig Film in Bolzano and film screenwriting with Umberto Contarello, Vincenzo Cerami, Jean Claude Carrière and Neil Landau at UCLA. He is a graduate of Carlo Lucarelli’s Bottega Finzioni school. He has written over 200 articles on cinema, theatre and music for the online newspaper altroquotidiano.it. Since 2020 he has been teaching History of Cinema and Video at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.

He directs and produces social and cultural videos for organisations, companies, schools, public and private institutions. His documentaries, video surveys and short films have won national and international awards.

Federico Betta Director Across, Oumar
Federico Betta Writer Nowhere, La memoria del mondo, Across, Omar
Linnea Merzagora Producer First Ascent, the man-made mountain
Federico Betta Producer Oumar
Nora Bonora Key Cast
Francesco Borzaga Key Cast
Angelo Caliari Key Cast
Duccio Canestrini Key Cast
Graziano Daldoss Key Cast
Francesco De Giorgio Key Cast
Ornella Dorigatti Key Cast
Rossella Duches Key Cast
Chiarastella Feder Key Cast
Alex Fontana Key Cast
Loris Grandi Key Cast
Davide Ghezzi Key Cast
Fabio Maffei Key Cast
Andrea Mustoni Key Cast
Nicola Nannini Key Cast
Franco Pedrotti Key Cast
Luca Pedrotti Key Cast
Bepi Pinter Key Cast
Marco Reggio Key Cast
Silvia Spada Key Cast
Massimo Vettorazzi Key Cast
Matteo Zeni Key Cast

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