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Leaving for Holiday

DIRECTOR Ariel Goldenberg

Green Short Film TIME 5:00

Turkey ★★★★★

Italia Green Film Festival

Leaving for Holiday


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Director | Ariel Goldenberg

Green Short Film TIME | 5:00

Turkey | ★★★★★

“Tatile Gidiyoruz” project; is a short film based on the theme of “Changing climates – Changing lives”. The family that owns Yeşilova Farm has been struggling with drought, disease and soil inefficiency due to global warming in recent years. This struggle is now over and the farm has to be abandoned. The film, which witnesses this family’s abandonment day, is narrated through the eyes of the house until you see the family for real in the road sequences, and this narration is accompanied by the voice of the little girl carrying the movie. The family tries to protect the little girl from this sad abandonment with the cover “leaving for holiday”. “Tatile Gidiyoruz” is the story of Yeşilova Farm family’s being ripped from their roots and abandoning their past.

Ariel Goldenberg

He was born in 1979 in Israel. After moving to Istanbul at the age of 6, he continued his school life here. At the age of 18, he was accepted to Columbia College Chicago and studied Film Producing. After working for a time in the United States, he returned to Turkey and had different roles in the production and directing team. With “Equality” a PSA for the Turkish Handicapped Association written by himself he stepped into the directors chair. Then he started shooting commercials for many local and foreign brands in the advertising industry. Apart from these, he was interested in hobbies such as free diving, carpentry and fire walks, and he always tried to and still does broaden his horizons. Ariel, who has been working as a commercial film director for 12 years, sets sail for his cinema adventure with “Tatile Gidiyoruz”(“Leaving for Holiday”). He thinks, “This movie is a small step into the world of cinema, but it will be a brand new horizon for me.”

Ariel GoldenbergDirector
Ariel GoldenbergWriter
Tuğrul MengiWriter
Ariel GoldenbergProducer
Mehmet SeçenProducer

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