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Last Paddle?

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Last Paddle?


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Last Paddle?-headshot
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“From the producers of the multi award winning film RiverBlue comes the feature length documentary, Last Paddle? One life, 1000 rivers – This inspirational and visually stunning film chronicles the amazing lifetime journey of renowned river advocate Mark Angelo who has paddled more than 1000 rivers in well over 100 countries; perhaps more than any other individual. Spanning the globe, the film chronicles a life-long commitment to river conservation and restoration. Last Paddle? makes an eloquent plea to cherish and better care for our life-giving waterways, encourages others to become environmental champions in their own right, and offers hopeful insights into how we might attain a more sustainable future.”

Roger Williams

Roger Williams is an award-winning Director/Producer and Director of Photography, who has worked with some of the world’s most respected broadcasters and entertainment companies.

There is a constant theme running through Roger’s work, it’s based on his philosophy to create productions with purpose and compelling content that matters. “RiverBlue and Last Paddle?” are documentaries that not only fit this mandate, but clean water is a subject that matters to a person who, has been passionate about boating on the waters off the coast of beautiful British Columbia.

While his career spans decades, perhaps one of his most memorable productions was working as Executive Producer and creative guru behind Canada’s Olympic Torch Relay, an event that has been called “monumental” in its coverage. .

Roger WilliamsDirector RiverBlue
Roger WilliamsProducer RiverBlue
Mark AngeloKey Cast“himself ”RiverBlue.

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