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La Guerra di Cam

DIRECTOR Laura Muscardin

Green Film 01:20:00

Italy ★★★★★

Italia Green Film Festival

La Guerra di Cam


CAST | Laura Muscardin

Green Film TIME | 01:20:00

ITALY | ★★★★★

In the very near future, an environmental apocalypse has destroyed the planet’s infrastructure and plunged the world into a dark savage age. What remains of civilization is concentrated in small closed citadels, while bands of outlaws roam through abandoned suburbs raiding and spreading terror. Few dare to cross these ravaged wastelands and those who do will struggle to survive.
This is the story of Cam and Dede, brother and sister. They lost their father when they were very young and grew up sheltered and isolated in an old mine protected by their mother, Joy.

Laura Muscardin

Laura Muscardin Director
Laura Muscardin Writer
Davide Orsini Writer
Francesco Paolo Montini Producer
Alessio PraticòKey Cast“Frate”
Lorenzo ZainiKey Cast“Cam”
Sofia IacuittoKey Cast“Dede”.

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