Fairytales of Growth

DIRECTOR Pierre Smith Khanna

Ducufilm TIME 47:00

SPAIN ★★★★★

Italia Green Film Festival

Fairytales of Growth


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RATING | ★★★★★

The effects and risks of climate change are compelling young people the world round to call out politicians and their false solutions or so-called ‘green growth’ economy. For them only by radically changing the system will we avoid a catastrophic collapse, and their voice is not alone: A team of outspoken academics, activists and historians are backing them up, exploring other ways forwards and offering a vision of hope for the future and a better life for all within planetary boundaries. 

Pierre Smith Khanna

Pierre Smith Khanna is a historian and political scientist based in Barcelona. Deeply multicultural, Pierre was born and raised in London and has French, Indian, American and Japanese grandparents. Formerly a humanities teacher in an alternative international boarding school, Pierre has a passion for education and encountering novel ways in which students and teachers can learn together in an environment free of fear and competition.

Both his parents come from the film-photography world and in his childhood taught him how to use a camera, take pictures, process them in the darkroom, film and edit digitally. Fairytales of Growth is his first film, and is the outcome of a master program in Political Ecology, Degrowth and Environmental Justice which inspired him to take some of the most important lessons learnt and put them into the simple and powerful language of film.

Pierre is a member of the academic association Research and Degrowth and is currently co-coordinating the master program in Degrowth at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Pierre Smith Khanna Director
Pierre Smith Khanna Producer
Rani Khanna Producer
Isra Studios Animation
Marvin Dez Original Score
Oliver King Original Score

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