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Cry my river

DIRECTOR Olesia Morhunets-Isaienko

MOVIE TYPING Documentary

RATING ★★★★★

Italia Green Film Festival

Cry my river


Cry my river
Cry my river
Cry my river
Cry my river
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Green Short Film TIME | 1h, 20′

RATING | ★★★★★

That sip of water, which you’ve just taken, contains dinosaurs’ urine. Shocking content? No. A rock-solid truth. Impressive, isn’t it? First, we scrunch our faces in disgust, but then we pause to think: if even such an ancient creature is here in our present day, then what are the consequences of our own life activity and how are they present in everything we consume? Everything we poor out and throw out into the water or when we relieve ourselves – all that remains in the water. The water doesn’t run to another planet! That water cycle, which we’ve known since school years, is circulating in our blood too. Thus, everything we dump returns to our blood, our lymph, our bladder, our life. We are all connected by this! Once every person on the planet reaches this conclusion, our life will change and we’ll come back to metaphorical Eden, from which we were banished because of thirst for knowledge.

If a river could speak, it would probably say: «I’m sick of your negligence of a self-proclaimed «lord of nature». You are actually helpless! Fear turns you against one another when the weather forecast mentions a tsunami. This calamity has long been in your heads! What else explains the fact that you’re cutting down forests on slopes, which can deter a flood, and draining swamps, which can retain water and regulate climate, and then dying by thousands because of the impact of floods and droughts?»
However, the water won’t say so as it was created long before human, so it will tolerate it for the sake of other creatures. The water has much more of them than there are ambitious humans on land. For now.
When a child draws the Earth, they draw a blue sphere because it is covered with water. This planet is a territory of water! And considering the eternity, we have lost our fins not that long ago.
Today, when we’re draining swamps or destroying lands adjacent to rivers, we’re committing a planet-scale crime! Dinosaurs didn’t know about global warming, but we, who are equipped with the latest inventions and higher IQ, – do know about it! Or not?

Of all people, only a pregnant woman can hear the water’s voice because she has a certain reservoir with water inside her – sort of a lake, where a future person is developing.
A small river poisoned by human once said to a pregnant woman: “Save me!”
So, the woman takes actions. For her child’s future.

Olesia Morhunets-Isaienko
Born in 1984, Ukraine.
Graduate of the Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University (2008).
Olesia’s graduation film project MOLFAR won the jury award at the film festival New Cinema. XXI Century held in Moscow.

Olesia Morhunets-Isaienko Director
Olesia Morhunets-Isaienko Writer
Olena Yakovenko Producer

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