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Comme un arbre

DIRECTOR Flavio Sanchez Moreno

MOVIE TYPING Documentary

RATING ★★★★★

Italia Green Film Festival

Comme un arbre


Comme un arbre
Comme un arbre
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CAST | Flavio Sanchez Moreno, Dimitri Känel, Thomas Stahel

Green Short Film TIME | 37′, 10″

RATING | ★★★★★

The documentary takes you on a realistic and contemplative journey on the island of Madagascar, and reveals a fresh perspective on the island. Comme Un arbre follows the journey of two young Swiss who lets the speech to the Malagasy they met, giving you a key to a better understanding of the issues surrounding the island’s colonial past.

Flavio Sanchez Moreno
Born in 1998 in Fribourg (Switzerland). Co-founder of the artistic collective Kiranil and the cultural space La Cellule in Fribourg. Since 2018, independent and interdisciplinary filmmaker.

Flavio Sanchez Moreno Director
Flavio Sanchez Moreno Writer
Dimitri Känel Writer
Dimitri Känel Producer
Thomas Stahel Audio mixing
Flavio Sanchez Moreno Editing
Dimitri Känel Editing
Flavio Sanchez Moreno Head operator
Dimitri Känel Original sound

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