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Cabo de Palos

DIRECTOR Javier Ferrer

Green DocufilmJavier Ferrer


Italia Green Film Festival

Cabo de Palos


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RATING | ★★★★★

Human activity on planet earth has been such that it has been able to divert the evolutionary trajectory of biodiversity and the ecosystems that support it, towards a new and uncertain stage (the Anthropocene), marked by what many already consider the sixth extinction. As early as 1974, many scientists and nature scholars, such as Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, warned us of the grim consequences of mistreatment of the planet, its biosphere and oceans, as a result of pollution, the widespread use of plastics, agricultural waste , overfishing, deforestation, etc. Unfortunately, only half a century later we are direct witnesses to this terrible prediction, to which must be added the effects of global climate change, which affects all levels and scales of the planet and human society itself. We have known the solutions to reverse this situation for a long time, we just have to apply them, and urgently. The protection of marine protected areas is a real and effective example of these solutions. The scientific community has provided plentiful evidence throughout the planet that shows that the protection of marine areas, both coastal and oceanic, in the long term not only benefits marine biodiversity and the habitats that support it, but also has a very positive impact on the fishing sector and in the local economy. After 25 years since its declaration, the Cabo de Palos-Islas Hormigas Marine Reserve is a clear example of this formula that generates hope for a more sustainable future

Javier Ferrer


Javier FerrerDirector
Javier FerrerWriter
Javier FerrerProducer

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