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Bin Boy

DIRECTOR Bauddhayan Mukherji
RATING ★★★★★

Italia Green Film Festival

Bin Boy

Bin Boy
Bin Boy
Bin Boy
Bin Boy
Bin Boy
Bin Boy
Bin Boy
Bin Boy
Bin Boy
Bin Boy
Bin Boy
Bin Boy
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CAST | Sharat Sonu, Sujata Ghosh, Goraksh Babel, Akshita Arora
Green Short Film TIME | 3′, 43″
RATING | ★★★★★
Through a light-hearted yet powerful film, Bin Boy brings the responsibility of waste segregation to everyone’s doorsteps, literally. The film revolves around a young boy who takes a stand, by sitting in his trash-filled dustbin. His unique protest garners a lot of attention, with everyone from the local milkman to press reporters wondering about his cause. In the end, his reasoning, like him, is innocent and earnest – if wet and dry waste is dumped together, his future will end up in the trash too. While the premise and build-up are disruptive and fun-filled, the boy’s message at the end really brings home the seriousness of the issue. It highlights the importance of keeping separate bins for segregating waste at home every day.
Bauddhayan Mukherji Director
Kainaz Karmakar Writer
Harshad Rajadhyaksha Writer
Monalisa Mukherji Producer
Satakshi Nandy Key Cast
Sharat Sonu Key Cast
Sujata Ghosh Key Cast
Goraksh Babel Key Cast
Akshita Arora Key Cast
Tushar Kanti Roy Cinematographer
Bablu Singh Art Director
Mallhar Goenka Casting Director
Laxman Sharma Line Producer
Arghyakamal Mitra Editor
Rahil Merchant Colorist
Meenakshi Budhrani Associate Producer
Hindol Deb Chief AD
Madhurya Alankaar DA
Renuka Braganza Online Artist
Subhajit Mukherjee Music Director
Bishwadeep Deepak Chatterjee Sound Engineer
Monalisa Mukherji Production Designer

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