Art of Pollution

DIRECTORMilan Radisics



Italia Green Film Festival

Art of Pollution


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RATING | ★★★★★

Aerial view and abstract presentation of different polluted sites across Europe.

In order to meet the demand for raw materials, we create more by-products and toxic waste than ever. For the growing world we need copper, iron, concrete, plastic, ferilízers, electric power, to name a few. Producing these resources contributes significantly to global warming and the pollution of our planet, our Home.

The video explores ash ponds, red mud ponds, and chemical residue pools, hidden or unreachable places, from a new angle. It stimulates an aesthetic response, and thus dialog about our destructive tendencies.

The ambiguity of what is depicted, not to mention the apparent toxicity suggested by the saturated colors pervading these colossal human-made sites, leaves spectators with an overall sense of alarm. This series plays on the effective duality of attraction and abhorrence, contrasting water pollution and the healing power of water while focusing on our own complicity in pollution and art’s complicity in barbarism.

Milan Radisics

Milan Radisics is Hungarian photographer, Budapest based artist, designer and visual storyteller. Hi combining fine art photography, videography and photojournalism.

As he says, the most intriguing topics are the interaction between nature and humans, and the consequences on the environment. Milan has never been one for boundaries. From graphic design to magazine editing and multimedia slideshows, from photography to appearances in worldwide screened commercials, Radisics has always had a knack for doing something a little bit different.

Mr.Milan is multi-awarded National Geographic contributing photographer and hi is overall winner of Hungarian Press competition and on the 76th POYI, (Picture of the Year International, USA) he won Award of excellence with How Water Shapes Earth series.
Overall winner of International Nature and Environmental Protection Festival – Gödöllő, Hungary with Art of Pollution short film.

Milan RadisicsDirector
Milan RadisicsWriter
Milan RadisicsProducer
Felician KalmusMusic

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