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27 dollari DAYDREAM

DIRECTOR Paola Samoggia, Carlo Magrì


RATING ★★★★★

Italia Green Film Festival

27 dollari DAYDREAM


27 dollari
27 dollari
27 dollari
27 dollari
27 dollari
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CAST | Paola Samoggia, Carlo Magrì, Imagem Srl, Hektor Budlla, Paola Samoggia, Rita Forlani, Azzurra Steri, Claudia Ceraulo, Haruo Kawakami, Matteo Belli, Martina Dall’Asta, Leonard Cela, Stefano Gilioli, Bartolo Sicari, Maurizio Lelli, Alessandra Bonzi, Isabella Amidei, Paola Fabbri

Green Short Film TIME | 11′, 40″

RATING | ★★★★★
A daydream, between opera singing and contemporary dance, inspired by the Dream of the Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus of “confining poverty to museums” through an economic model based on work.

Freely inspired by the first book by Muhammad Yunus “The banker of the poor”.
The airs narrate the beginnings of microcredit and the possibility given to a group of young women to find decent work as a ransom from the abyss of poverty. “Dying of hunger is totally unacceptable”.

Carlo Magrì
Architect and musician, he has been working for more than twenty years on communication, computer graphics, three-dimensional modeling, photorealistic visualization and video in the field of architecture and design. He collaborates with various national newspapers and with Italian and international software houses for the development and testing of software.

Together with Paola Samoggia he created in 2007 Imagem srl, a company specialized in modeling, rendering and three-dimensional animation.
From 2002 to 2015 he collaborated with Applicando, for software reviews, tutorials and popular articles in the field of computer graphics and photorealistic simulation.
He designed sets (virtual and not) for music and visual arts events in various cities of Italy developed within the project “Fotogrammi Musicali” by Paola Samoggia with PoliArt Gallery in Milan.

In 2019 he curated the direction and virtual sets of the show “27 dollars, multimedia chamber Opera”, freely inspired by the work of Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, at the Teatro della Fortuna in Fano.
He worked on the project “NO CRASH” of which he directed the short film.

Paola Samoggia Music and artistic direction
Carlo Magrì Director – Director of Photography
Imagem Srl Producer
Hektor Budlla Coreografo Choreography
Paola Samoggia Scrittori Subject
Rita Forlani Scrittori Subject
Azzurra Steri Cast chiave Conductor
Claudia Ceraulo Cast chiave Soprano
Haruo Kawakami Cast chiave Tenore
Matteo Belli Cast chiave Actor
Martina Dall’Asta Cast chiave Dancer (solist)
Leonard Cela Cast chiave Dancer (solist)
Orchestra Cast chiave Teatro Comunale di Bologna
Chorus Cast chiave Scuola dell’Opera del teatro Comunale di Bologna
Stefano Gilioli Produzione cameras and drones – Master&Co
Bartolo Sicari Produzione Photografer
Maurizio Lelli Produzione second camera -Master&Co
Alessandra Bonzi Produzione International relations
Isabella Amidei Produzione production secretary
Paola fabbri Produzione production secretary

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