Loghi Patrocini

CARNE: The Unsustainable Footprint It’s a gentle but raw insight of what we need to do about our diet patterns in order to save the planet and… our health. Filmed in several countries: Portugal, Belgium, France, UK and Lebanon. It gives global insights about the problem, showing how a Hospital in Lebanon is changing the lives of their patients through veganism, but it focuses mainly on the European reality, in the corridors of the European Parliament, where lobbies change the pattern of our lives. It also explores cases that demonstrate it is possible to live in balance with nature, and gives voice to new generations who are trying to change “the game”. Because change is urgent and still within our reach.


It’s a documentary that aims to search for a “cease-fire” between humans and the planet.

Director Biography – Hugo de Almeida

Started his career as machinima artist, where he won Best Movie Made in Second Life at the Rezzable Machinima Festival. The machinima video “The Labyrinth” was nominated for best short digital film at Festroia International Film Festival. He Directed the 12-episode web series UBI – A Path to Freedom where he explored the topic of Universal Basic Income. In 2022 he worked with the American band Hercules & Love Affair in the documentary “Continuity”.

CARNE – The Unsustainable Footprint is the first feature documentary of Hugo.

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