Loghi Patrocini

A love and respect relationship between the sea and the man. A man who always took care of the sea while he enjoyed it, and today, when he is ill, receives the same favour from the sea.

A short film that seeks to give visibility to a cruel disease that currently has no cure, ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. With the aim of improving the situation and increasing research. This is an adaptation of the short film presented at the Spanish Underwater Video Championship (CEVISUB), which has been ranked fifth in the 2021 edition.


Director Biography – David Sánchez Carretero


Professional in the world of marketing and graphic design. Passionate about the sea and underwater images. I take advantage of both passions to make known what happens at the bottom of the sea and to spread my love for it, with the aim of helping in its conservation and care. Director of the San Sebastian International Underwater Film Festival and member of the team of the Underwater Activities Section of the Real Sociedad de Fútbol.

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